The first phase revolution

On June 17, with talks over procedure stalled, the Third Estate met alone and formally adopted the title of National Assembly; three days later, they met in a nearby indoor tennis court and took the so-called Tennis Court Oath serment du jeu de paumevowing not to disperse until constitutional reform had been achieved.

Evolution of the Continental Army Under these circumstances it is not surprising that Washington never got the kind of army, molded in the British image, that he desired. Lines of authority crisscrossed at every turn. Improvements in mining technology meant that more coal could be extracted, which meant, in turn, that steam power became a viable, affordable power option for both industry and transportation.

The mode was tested and works but the French government did not support this idea so Fulton moved to United States where he received support. Finally, the British had to fight the war with one eye on their ancient enemies in Europe. The application of vapor: The massacre sparked the Russian revolution ofduring which angry workers responded with a series of crippling strikes throughout the country.

Tennis Court Oath By the time the Estates-General convened at Versailles, the highly public debate over its voting process had erupted into hostility between the three orders, eclipsing the original purpose of the meeting and the authority of the man who had convened it.

Lacking an executive, Congress had to rely on committees and boards to carry out its policies—unwieldy devices at best and centers of conflicting interest and discord at worst. By France had become an industrial power, but, despite great growth under the Second Empireit remained behind Britain.

Though enthusiastic about the recent breakdown of royal power, Parisians grew panicked as rumors of an impending military coup began to circulate. The communication and transportation methods make shortest distances.

By the late s, the directors relied almost entirely on the military to maintain their authority and had ceded much of their power to the generals in the field.

Industrial Revolution

Watts continued to make further advancements and, inthe steam engine was used to power a cotton mill. Washington countered these suspicions by constantly deferring to Congressional wishes, and he was rewarded by the assiduity with which Congress usually adopted his recommendations.

The industrial revolution changes the existence of the humans and accelerated the rhythm of the history. Patriot organization, weak at the center, was strong at the grass roots, in the local communities throughout America, whereas the Tories were neither well organized nor energetically led.

Developed the media of communication like the radio, television, film, telephone and the informatics and the media of transportation. The Continental Army never had as many as 30, men at any one time, and very rarely was Washington able to muster as many as 15, effectives in the field.

There was also during that period a change in political theories: Czar Nicholas left the Russian capital of Petrograd St. Flat, open country where warfare could be carried on in European style was not common; and woods, hills, and swamps suited to the operations of militia and irregulars were plentiful.

In the treaty, Spain ceded control of the Philippines and other territories to the United States. In was built the first metal bridge, in sailed the first ship made with iron plates riveted The demographic revolution Another significant event in Europe was the increase of the population, from million to million - and the entire population was concentrated in the cities.

United States In was the second industrial power. Natural resources Three natural resources played key roles in the industrial revolution: France was more slowly and less thoroughly industrialized than either Britain or Belgium.

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The following month, amid a wave of violence in which Parisian insurrectionists massacred hundreds of accused counterrevolutionaries, the Legislative Assembly was replaced by the National Convention, which proclaimed the abolition of the monarchy and the establishment of the French republic.

In was built the first metal bridge, in sailed the first ship made with iron plates riveted The demographic revolution Another significant event in Europe was the increase of the population, from million to million - and the entire population was concentrated in the cities.

Not only did British production fall behind that of Germany and the USA in the early s, but also British productivity.

French Revolution

Revolution Wind would be the largest combined offshore wind and energy storage project in the world. The states, however, maintained an interest in supplying and administering the troops of their own "lines" as well as their militia, and the Continental agents had continually to enlist state assistance in their own efforts.

Four phases of industrial revolution: Phase one

The leaders of the provisional government, including young Russian lawyer Alexander Kerensky, established a liberal program of rights such as freedom of speech, equality before the law, and the right of unions to organize and strike.

While Britain was establishing its industrial leadership, France was immersed in its Revolutionand the uncertain political situation discouraged large investments in industrial innovations. Political stability Civil war and revolution — greatly weakened monarchy control, thus changing the way that prices, wages and interest rates were determined.

For advice on strategy and operations, Washington relied on a Council of War made up of his principal subordinate commanders, and, conforming to his original instructions from Congress, he usually consulted the council before making major decisions.

The British industry was transformed by two crucial changes: For the first time, farmers were able to own their own lands, improve and cultivate them as they saw fit, and reap the rewards for doing so.

Improvements to the land itself meant that the quality and quantity of crops were improved. Between andcanals were the primary mode of transportation for heavy freight, providing links between major industrial areas and between major waterways. The industrial revolution is divided in 3 phases: machines and labor ( – ), technical revolution ( – ), technological revolution () First phase: machines and labor ( - ) Phases of the industrial revolution.

THE REVOLUTIO N: First Phase Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. If you continue browsing the. Chapter The Revolution: First Phase Rizal and the Revolution Bonifacio, who had known Rizal the Liga days but whom Rizal did not know personally, wanted Rizal’s opinion on the necessity of rising in arms against the Spaniards/5(10).

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05 December | by Jess Sharman. and the bridge was completed in December The first complete crossing took place in Februaryand the bridge was officially opened by then Prince of Wales.

The Revolution: First Phase Rizal and the Revolution On June 21, Dr. Pio Valenzuela, Bonifacio’s emissary, visited Rizal in Dapitan and informed him of the plan of the Katipunan to launch a revolution. Rizal objected to Bonifacio’s bold project stating that such would be a veritable suicide.

The first phase revolution
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Industrial Revolution: Phases of Industrial Revolution