Local literature about the effect of cell phones

Moderate sleep deprivation produces impairments in cognitive and motor performance equivalent to legally prescribed levels of alcohol intoxication. The effect of something on another thing.

Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

International Journal of Humanities and Social Science. It is obvious and true that the criteria for categorizing socio-economic standard in different countries are different depending of their norms and values. Teens often fail to recognize the long-term implications of inappropriate behavior and engage in the behavior without considering the consequences.

Aims The overall aim of this study was to investigate whether there are associations between psychosocial aspects of mobile phone use and mental health symptoms in a prospective cohort of young adults.

Thus, increased popularity of cell and smart phones in 8 recent years has attracted research attention. When excluding respondents reporting mental health symptoms at baseline, high mobile phone use was associated with sleep disturbances and symptoms of depression for the men and symptoms of depression for the women at 1-year follow-up.

Light exposure might be temporarily activating you Thus adolescents are highly critical of authority figures, unwilling to accept criticism, and quick to find fault with others.

Overall, there was a moderate mean effect size of 0.

Effects of Mobile Phones on Students

Petrillo quoted Dr. Its only difference from our research is that our study will also focus on the frequency of cellular phone use, which was given less focus on other researches. Teens and technology However, our perspective is predominantly psychosocial. In the US, small license areas for mobile phone companies meant that users were constantly roaming outside their core area.

Some researchers have the view that school ownership and the funds available in schools do indeed influenced the performance of the student. Journal of College Student Development. This access can be used to plan and to organize daily life and it can be used to exchange jokes and endearments.

Teens often fail to recognize the long-term implications of inappropriate behavior and engage in the behavior without considering the consequences.

The blending of landline telephone and radio communication came after the Second World War.

Chapter II: Review of Related Literature

Further, as handsets become more loaded with capabilities ranging from video recording and sharing, to music playing and internet access, teens and young adults have an ever-increasing repertoire of use.

Some concerns about the future of mobile communications in residential markets. Van den Bulck J. While a small number of children get a cell phone in elementary school, the real tipping point for ownership is in middle school. This study therefore, attempts to find out the impact of mobile phones use among students in both private and public schools on their academic performance.

Teens and Mobile Phones

Perseus Publishing, Cambridge, MA. Authors disclose no potential conflicts of interest.

Adolescent Sleep and Cellular Phone Use: Recent Trends and Implications for Research

One of the most common issues of text messaging is its effects on education. Self-reported symptoms associated with using mobile phones most commonly include headaches, earache, and warmth sensations [ 67 ], and sometimes also perceived concentration difficulties and fatigue [ 6 ].

The Modern Types of Mobile Phones. Moreover, in terms of the process of executing research i. Review of Related Literature Some of the common mobile phone related research topics include cell phone use while driving (Caird, Willness, Steel, and Scialfa, ; Horrey and Wickens, ; McCartt, Hellinga, and Braitman, ), cell phone etiquette (Lipscomb, Totten, Cook, and Lesch, ), cell phone cultures and behaviors (Campbell and Park, ; Bakke, ; Ling, ), text messaging.

THE EFFECT OF MOBILE PHONES ON STUDENTS' ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. 38 Pages. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. THE EFFECT OF MOBILE PHONES ON STUDENTS' ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. more convenient. Yet they also cite new tensions connected to cell phone use (Pew.

Another study investigated whether exposure to the radiofrequency energy from cell phones affects the flow of blood in the brain and found no evidence of such an effect.

The authors of these studies noted that the results are preliminary and that possible health outcomes from changes in glucose metabolism are still unknown.

The effects of integrating mobile devices with teaching and learning on students' learning performance: A meta-analysis and research synthesis and mobile phones have become a learning tool with great potential in both classrooms and outdoor learning.

The only difference was mobile-device usage. Thus, the inherent effects of mobile.

Smartphone use before bedtime might impact sleep, and daytime tiredness

CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES Related Literature The development of the study is based on “published” materials like books, newspapers, published journals, articles, magazines, etc.

Foreign Literature – the author is a foreigner Local Literature – the author is born in the Philippines Related Studies The. Oct 03,  · Adolescent sleep needs range from –10 hours per night, with older adolescents requiring less sleep than younger adolescents.

On average, however, American adolescents receive between – hours of sleep per night, with many sleeping fewer than hours on school nights.

Local literature about the effect of cell phones
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